Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Something truly unique

As other healthcare organizations expand their pediatric offerings in Georgia, Children’s reminds parents that they are the only hospital dedicated solely to treating kids.

A focus on sports medicine

Children's Healthcare has long been a destination for parents with young kids. But it has one of the top sports med programs in the country for children and teens at the top of their games as well.

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REbranding children's

For years, we raised the awareness of Children’s as a world-class, not-for-profit organization. And the donations followed. Next it was time to shift the message and remind parents that Children’s is the best place to take kids for more common injuries like stitches or broken bones.

Stressing the Pediatric Differential

As competition for pediatric business increased in the Atlanta area, Children's needed to stress the advantages of their unique, child-focused care. Parents and caregivers with proven recall of three's "Pediatric Differential" campaign showed a sharp increase in preference of Children's for everything from minor operations to serious illness and injuries.

Not-For-Profit Awareness

three began working on the Children's brand in 2002 when total unaided awareness stood at 17%, and within two years helped lift the score to 44%. Lagging behind that number, however, was understanding of Children's as a charitable organization. The "Not-for-Profit" messaging helped increase awareness and donations dramatically for the hospital.