Overwhelming numbers

Patent renewals are a tricky business. With so many moving parts to keep track of, and a lot of money on the line, a corporate lawyer can easily feel overwhelmed. This campaign illustrates that burden and offers up the services of CPA Global as the best way to relieve that pressure and make the right decision every time.

Give them something interesting and they just might call you back.

three helped CPA Global unveil a new patent research platform with a direct mail campaign. A unique calling card that lights up when opened helped ensure this was a piece worth keeping. In fact, response to the mailer was almost 30% – an almost unheard of number for direct mail.

Pulling everything together.

CPA Global had produced a number of collateral pieces over the years. Our task was to take those disparate pieces and combine the information into a cohesive, yet modular selling tool. three's new collateral system for CPA Global includes a central brochure plus a variety of individual case studies that the sales team can tailor to each prospect.

The right lawyer for the job

While outsourcing has been a common practice in many industries for years, it's a recent development in the legal arena. three's new campaign for CPA takes a humorous approach in stressing that there are times when talent is better suited for weightier tasks.