Helping sales become a force

As a manufacturer, Simmons doesn’t sell mattresses. Its independent retailers do. Actually, the retail sales associates on the floor are the ones who really do the selling. We designed a multimedia program to give this often overlooked audience everything they need to close the sale. provides the latest sales tools and tips from industry leaders, consumers, and fellow sales associates.

Simulator® triggers an interactive 3-D model that breaks down the mattress layer by layer.

Simple Facts® is a series of quick, easy-to-understand videos on relevant sleep topics and the science behind Simmons’ innovations.

A new charge for an historic brand

Simmons completely redesigned the support system in their flagship Beautyrest line, calling it the Recharge Sleep System. We armed dealers with a campaign of commercials touting the new design. Here's our favorite.

Sleep is a luxury

With Beautyrest Black, Simmons wanted to break into the profitable high-end mattress category to compete against brands like Stearns & Foster. three created an old-world aura for the line that stood out from the garish rainbow of colors on the typical showroom floor. Beautyrest Black has been a runaway success for Simmons. Sales have exceeded initial projections by 50% and major retailers continue to come on board.

The New Beautyrest

With the unveiling of a new Pocketed Coil technology, Simmons needed a campaign that would energize the dealer base and drive sales. More than 70% of the independent retailers chose to participate in The Beautyrest National Campaign and Rebate Event for the 2011 Memorial Day holiday. Those who did were rewarded with an average sales increase of 20% more than the prior year's holiday average.

"We smuggled real, live Monarch butterflies to San Francisco for this photo/video shoot.
Don't tell Delta."

Playing tag

At the time smartphones accounted for more than 30% of the cellphone market, we saw a huge opportunity to leverage tagging apps to deliver an entertaining, informative in-store experience to mattress buyers. But first we had to engage the dealers and help them understand the technology. Using a Microsoft mobile platform, we created the interactive iSPY Scavenger Hunt and rolled it out at the Las Vegas furniture show. Visiting dealers were invited to scan tags spread throughout the showroom. While many left with great prizes, they all left with an appreciation for the technology as it was launched in market to consumers.