helping Georgia drive electric


the challenge

Georgia Power is joining in the clean air movement by reducing its reliance on fossil fuel power plants. But it wanted to go further by promoting the use of zero-emission Electric Vehicles (EVs). And since most EVs charge at night, when electricity use is low, demand on power plants is minimal. Secondary goals included establishing Georgia Power as a leader in EV transportation by promoting its growing network of charging stations.

the solution

First, we used digital, broadcast and outdoor to raise awareness about the many benefits of driving an EV.
Then we followed with more focused messaging around fuel cost vs. EV savings and the growth of charging stations.

Going back in time to show how far you can go on one charge.

The brand campaign delivered the many benefits to potential EV drivers.

The online calculator showed how never filling up can really add up.

The mobile locator showed EV drivers they were never far from a charge.

the results

After viewing the TV spot just once, perceptions of Georgia Power as an EV leader grew by 12 points. Overall, online followers increased by 25,000 and exceeded goals by 273%.

25K+ new EV registrations

10% increase in EV purchase consideration

1.21 CTR for videos

98% video completion rate