Giving hth® a clear advantage.


the challenge

hth® is a leading brand of pool supplies, with decades of experience. However, research showed that consumers didn’t have much brand loyalty when it came to pool care. With a well-known consumer brand (Clorox) now sharing shelf space alongside hth® at Walmart, they needed to define themselves to consumers and offer a difference from competitors.

the solution

three developed a two-stage messaging campaign, initially focused on the one thing pool owners really care about: clear water. We followed that with a series of how-to videos that established hth® as the brand that is ‘here to help’ pool owners.

To capture the beauty of crystal-clear water, we enlisted the services of Seth Casteel, photographer and creator of the best-selling book "Underwater Dogs."

The underwater images brought new life to the hth® Facebook page.

A redesigned hth® website helped pool owners learn more and find the right products.

This series of short videos delivered important pool care lessons in a fun and visual way.

the results

Both messages set hth® apart from competitors and were integrated into the brand’s digital channels, including their Walmart page, with much success.

15% increase in sessions and new users on the hth® website

91% increase in views for the hth® Walmart Page

98% increase in orders

158% increase in revenue