Keeping hot water from going cold


the challenge

Rinnai is a leading maker of tankless water heaters. Now, ask yourself, how often do you think about your water heater? Exactly. So that was the biggest challenge Rinnai faced – getting people, especially families, to consider a better way to get hot water. Because most people don’t know they can upgrade from the big tank in the basement. But we showed them that hot water can be better, even endless.

the solution

We created a full campaign, including an online video series, that demonstrates the superior capabilities of a Rinnai tankless water heater when compared to a slow, wasteful tank (that eventually runs cold). The TV spots illustrate the real-life problems people have getting enough hot water, while the web series goes deeper and educates home owners on the many benefits of going tankless.

This spot showed why a tank water heater just can’t handle a busy family.

The follow-up spot hit on another benefit: saying goodbye to those long, cold waits.

This online series, entitled "Hot Water Wisdom," helped consumers understand the advantages of a tankless unit that wouldn’t fit in 30 seconds.