Closing the last three feet


the challenge

For years Beautyrest was stalled in third place among leading mattress brands. Like most manufacturers, Beautyrest relies on retail sales associates to sell the vast majority of its inventory. In other words, the people who stand three feet from the consumer on the sales floor and have the power to steer them to a competing brand.

the solution

We created a series of Beautyrest-centric tools designed specifically for retail sales associates (RSAs) to help them succeed and thus cultivate brand loyalty. helps educate RSAs with blog-based content. Simple Facts videos simplify mattress technologies and sales concepts to help RSAs sell better than ever. And Simulator™ serves as the sleep industry’s first virtual reality mattress app that breaks down mattresses layer by layer.

The SleepSells homepage provides users with countless pieces of content to choose from.

Our email sends provide RSAs with content updates, teasers, and more.

The Simmons Simulator™ app puts the power of virtual reality in RSAs' hands.

Our Simple Facts videos make bedding technologies and sales concepts simple, with unique, entertaining animation and writing.

the results

The SleepSells program helped Beautyrest become the number one brand just a year after implementation. RSA enrollment has swelled to 5,000 and counting.

4.5 pages viewed per site visit

6 minutes spent per site visit

250 unique articles