Telling stories worth sharing


the challenge

Every day, amazing things happen at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. As part of a fundraising event, the staff at Wolfson gave us unlimited access to film a couple of these remarkable patient stories. The videos of Claire and Christian proved so powerful that Wolfson wanted the wider public to see them, to create more awareness and online engagement around the region.

the solution

We created an entire social and fundraising campaign around the message of Hope Starts Here, featuring the amazing stories of Christian and Claire. Teasers ran online and on TV, leading viewers to watch and share each story, as well as visit the Hope Starts Here homepage.

Each 2:00 video told a remarkable story of survival.

:15 teasers got the attention of TV and online viewers.

This broader video showed viewers why Hope Starts at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

the results

The campaign boosted awareness for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, with a 95% share of video attention in the market. Viewers responded with over 364K social actions (comments, shares or likes).

Last but not least, Christian’s story resulted in many donations to the neurology department at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, including one for a million dollars.

4.4M completed views

25% engagement rate on Facebook
and Instagram

63% engagement rate on Twitter